Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stamp Camp

My downline Ruth and I just had our annual New Catalog Stamp Camp!
It was a blast, as usual!

Here is our check-in table with the supply packets, new catalogs, and door prizes!

I used the new Polka Dot Tag a Bags.  It made packaging my door prizes so quick and fun.
This package held a half pack of the new Printed Clothespins.

Between Ruth and I, we filled 5 six foot tables with retired stamps and accessories!!!
We sell it all for at least 1/2 off.  It's a really good reason to never miss stamp camp!

Happy shoppers.  
I totally forgot to take pictures of happy stampers!
Project pictures will be in upcoming blogs.

My middle daughter Ruby helps out at every stamp camp.
We decided our new tradition will be to go to 
Flying Star for dessert after all our hard work at stamp camp.

We split a fruit tart and coconut, raspberry, lemon cake.
We'll look forward to this new tradition as much as we look forward to stamp camp!

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