Saturday, July 25, 2015

College Survival Kit

I am so excited to share this project with you!
My oldest daughter Jade is moving away to college in three short weeks.
I put together a "College Survival Kit" for her and a couple of her closest friends.

There are very few SU products in this project, but I still had to share it.
I had intended to copy ideas online for items for the kit,
but I never got around to researching.
Once I started shopping, the ideas just came.  I LOVE the way it turned out.

Here is the list of items I included in the kit:
College Survival Kit

Hand Sanitizer: To keep the germs away
Pepper Spray: To keep the boys away
Poo-pourri: To keep the smells away
Bouncy Ball: To remind you to have a ball
Tissue: To wipe away the homesick tears
Eraser: Everyone makes mistakes
Pencil: To remind you you’re here to learn
Glue: To remind you to stick to it
Bandaids: To “kiss” your boo-boos
Chocolate: It makes everything sweeter
Mirror: To remind you that you’re beautiful
inside and out
Journal: To celebrate and remember the journey
Stickers: Life should be decorated
Sewing Kit: To patch the holes
Miniature: To remind you not to belittle yourself
Key: To remind you to protect the key to your heart
Heart: To remind you that you are loved beyond measure
Book: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
I shopped for hours and went to multiple stores to find all the items.
Many came from the "dollar bins" in the big box stores.

I personalized the tags with SU supplies.

My husband personalized the chalk board on the bins
using the SU Chalk Marker.

Adding the miniatures was my daughter Ruby's idea.
She makes incredible miniatures from homemade clay.
She personalized these for each kit.
For her sister who will be majoring in Fine Arts
with an emphasis in Photography,
she created a miniature camera.  It's less than
one square inch in size and even includes our
family portrait!

My husband created a "Going Away" scene on our family wipe board.
Jade is heading into the sunset with the Organ Mountains
of Las Cruces ahead of her.
She will be attending NMSU, where her dad and I met
as art students over 20 years ago.
This is a bittersweet and emotional time for our family,
but we are so proud of her and excited for the journey she has ahead of her!

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